real madrid La historia de la historia que surge de la historia final 2024.

La contracrónica del Real Madrid-Bayern


Real Madrid is immortal. And there is no more beautiful story than that of Joselu, the forward who came to the team of his life at the age of 33, almost on the rebound, for a million euros, because Benzema  had left  and they had to sign a ‘9’ in case perhaps, to play for a little while.  Joselu , the boy who went with his father as a fan to the last Champions League final in Madrid in Paris. Joselu, scoring two goals in the 88th minute and in the 91st minute, in the last miracle in the history of Real Madrid. Bayern also succumbed in that cave of dragons that is the Santiago Bernabéu.

The Madrid of miracles deserved it like never before, because this time it was not just epic. He played a great game. He tried everything from 1 to 111. And when it is said everything, it is everything, led by Vinicius, who only needed to open the roof of the stadium. On Joselu’s night, the Brazilian was the best footballer in the world. Vini had one of the best performances in the recent history of the Champions League. There is none like him right now. Not even Mbappé, who must be thinking about what he has missed these last three years. The French is on time.

Wembley is finally for real Madrid

The 14-time European champion has never won a final in the cathedral of European football and it seemed that one more year he would resist. Davies’ goal seemed like «again without Wembley», but Madrid’s faith can do anything and this time the same thing did not happen as in 2013. Madrid will debut at Wembley against Borussia, the team that plays with the posts.


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Don’t laugh at Harry Kane

People pick on Harry Kane, the footballer who has never won a title in his career, but he doesn’t deserve it. Kane is a tremendous player and the striker was one of the main culprits for Madrid being on the verge of being knocked out. The pass from him to Davies was golden, as was his great game.

Nobody expected Neuer

The Bayern goalkeeper was having a game that lived up to his resume. Neuer was impressive until the 89th minute, signing at the Bernabéu on a night that seemed impossible a year ago. Let us remember that the German goalkeeper was suffering from a broken leg a year ago and that there were many rumors of retirement. But not. Neuer returned and at the Bernabéu he was having one of the best nights of his career, with impossible saves. But a shot from Vini missed, Joselu appeared and the hurricane broke out.

Everyone succumbs to the Bernabéu

They say that Real Madrid fans are cold, that they don’t encourage… but all the rivals tremble when they enter the Bernabéu. It doesn’t matter if it is played outdoors or under a roof. The intimidating power of the Real Madrid stadium generates inexplicable panic in rival players and coaches. Tuchel’s attack of fear, removing all the forwards from him, gave Madrid wings.

Dear Gento, here come Modric and his friends

Modric, Nacho, Carvajal and Kroos are going for the sixth at Wembley. The four are one game away from reaching what seemed impossible, Gento’s six European Cups. And the four had a spectacular night, starting with the one who played the least. Luka Modric, 38 years old, almost 39, the oldest player to wear the Madrid shirt in the European Cup, he began to design Madrid’s first goal with genius control, bringing a ball down from the sky like angels. He deserves one more year.

Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach: «Bayern was better than us in the first leg» 2-2

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