Ancelotti, entrenador del real madrid: «El Bayern fue mejor que nosotros en el partido de ida» 2-2

El entrenador italiano analizó toda la actualidad del Real Madrid en la previa de la visita del Bayern

«We also respect them because they did very well and better than us in the first leg,» Carlo Ancelotti began   in the press room at Real Madrid City to analyze the  second leg of the Champions League semi-finals . The Italian coach is aware that  his players did not have a good game at the Allianz Arena , that the result was the most positive because now it’s time to enjoy the  Bernbéu  and he explained what the team needs to achieve the long-awaited passage to the final:  «We A game with offensive and defensive intensity and rhythm is better. On a defensive level in the first leg we could have done much more. We want an intense game ,» he assured.

I denied that there was euphoria within the locker room, despite the fact that they have only lost two games, and asked for caution when facing the game: » Today is a day worth living: we are close to being able to play in a final This is a very great motivation. To be able to live a day like today, but tomorrow it will be more complicated and before the game there will be worry and fear  .

Similarities between Real Madrid and Bayern

real madrid vs bayern munich
real madrid vs bayern munich

Real Madrid and Bayern are similar clubs, with great tradition and history in the European Cup. We also respect them because they did very well and better than us in the first leg. Both teams make transitions very well because we have quality and fast players. «They are the two most dangerous teams in Europe in this sense, but with good balance the risk can be managed well.»

His philosophy as a coach

«Your idea has to adapt to the characteristics of the players and I don’t want to have a team that has a single identity.»


«Today is a day worth living and it is a great motivation to be the protagonist. Before the match comes worry and fear, but today is spectacular: preparing for a semi-final thinking about reaching another final gives you a lot of motivation «Bayern «You have players with experience at the club who know the character of this team very well, like Neuer, Müller, Kimmich… If there is extra time, we will play extra time.»

The goal

«Lunin is going to play tomorrow. Courtois has to take his time to reach his best version. He played against Cádiz because he trained very well and played an excellent game showing security and confidence, but he has to reach his best level.»

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His time in Munich

«We have to do a job and we have to have the fundamental support of the club. When this support is missing it is better to separate. Nothing more. I have a fantastic relationship with those who work there and this is the job. If you do not have the support of the club it is «It’s better to separate and avoid problems.»

Kroos and Modric

«They have not played together, but they can do it. We do not consider what the future will be like without them because at the moment they are here, they contribute a lot and we are very happy with them.»

The celebration for the League title

«On Saturday we were happy to see the League won, but we had to control our joy because we had to prepare for this match. The League is on hold and on Thursday we will think about how we are going to celebrate it. Of course «we are going to celebrate it.»

The transition between the template found in 2014 and the current one

A part of the squad that started in 2014 remains. The transition has been managed very well in this period. The general line is always managed by players like Kroos, Modri, Nacho, Carvajal, Lucas Vázquez… They are managing this transition and the young people learn very well how they have to behave at Real Madrid.

¡Histórico momento para el Real Madrid! Con una temporada llena de pasión y determinación, el equipo merengue ha logrado conquistar el título de La Liga. Con jugadas magistrales y un trabajo en equipo impecable, han demostrado una vez más por qué son uno de los clubes más grandes del mundo. ¡Felicidades a todos los jugadores, cuerpo técnico y aficionados por este logro tan merecido! ¡Hala Madrid!»

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