Real Madrid se mantiene al margen de manera oficial tras el adiós de Mbappé al PSG 2024

El ariete galo lo anunció en sus redes sociales

Real Madrid has not been left out of  Kylian Mbappé’s announcement of his goodbye to PSG .

The Frenchman made public the video at around eight in the afternoon in which he confirmed that on June 30 he would end his relationship with the Parisian club and immediately all eyes focused on Real Madrid.


Mbappé to Real Madrid
Mbappé to Real Madrid

Logically, everyone in  Valdebebas threw the ball away when asked about the official nature of Mbappé’s resignation to continue playing for PSG. The first argument used was none other than how much is at stake in the next three weeks, with the Champions League at stake, and the second was that he is still a PSG player.

The truth is that the white club continues to officially deny an agreement that everyone takes for granted.  «There is nothing to say». Real Madrid continues on the line set throughout the season and remains that way.  The leaders learned a lesson from what happened in 2022 and have sought to stay on the outside, but taking steps safely and surrounding Mbappé on his way to the Bernabéu. Nothing to do with what happened in ’22. Everything in writing. The day of the commitment will already be known, but it exists.

Mbappé to Real Madrid
Mbappé to Real Madrid

There will be no officiality in the next few days. They want to give maximum respect to their current squad, the one that has to win the Champions League final at Wembley, footballers who deserve the sporting respect that the club is transmitting, but who do not live with their backs to reality either.

In the meetings held in recent days at the club, the Mbappé issue has never been discussed officially, but unofficially the first week of June has been discussed as a possible time for the presentation as long as PSG so agrees. allow and the French Federation does not see it badly because of the concentration for the Euro Cup.

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